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Bill & Nadine Britton

A picture of Bill and Nadine Britton.

How I Met Bill And Nadine Britton


It was in the fall of 1972 that I had my first encounter with Bill and Nadine Britton. Now, I doubt that my experience was different from the many others throughout the United States, Canada and all around the world, who came to know this brother and his writings. Yet, I want to share my story, as an introduction to this section of his written materials, to show Father's faithfulness in calling his sons in their predetermined times. It is so good to learn that we really are not alone and this big world keeps growing smaller each day.

I left Bible College and became a "trouble shooter" for a retail shoe chain in California. I really enjoyed my job and was doing very well at it. The weekends were full of excitement, as I ministered on the streets of San Fransico in the Bay Area, Oak Park, Sacramento and Modesto, California. The Lord was moving in such a powerful and loving way among the youth of that day. Now, I said I left Bible College, but I never left off studying the Bible and hungering for the Lord to show himself to me through the scripture.

It was during this time of employment and ministry that the Father began to open my spiritual understanding and I began to see things that did not coincide with my Assembly of God background and training. So I would go to my pastor, who was the spiritual man in my life, because my dad was not a practicing Christian. I would share what I was seeing in the scripture and he would sit quietly and listen. Then, with a smile and in a gentle, loving tone he would say, "Stacy, someone has put a great deal of study into this, I have never put so much time into the study eschatology." Going on he would say, "Is it possible that you might be majoring in minors?" At the time I was not sure what he was asking. However, over the years the wisdom of this question has come alive within my being.

Do to my employment I was driving to work from Modesto to San Jose, each day. This was a 90 mile trip, each morning and evening, but the commute gave me time for contemplation and prayer. I felt like I was on a "wilderness journey" and though I was hearing a fresh word from God's throne, there was not anyone to share with in fellowship. This was a very lonely place in my life. I felt that I was either totally missing the mark and becoming deceived, or I was hearing the truth and just had to bear with it and walk a very lonely walk.

However, one evening, as I was homeward bound with this thinking wrestling in my mind, I noticed a young man with long hair thumbing a ride. Funny as it may sound, picking up hitchhikers was not my common practice, but I found myself pulling to the shoulder of the freeway and stopping to give him a ride. He came running up to the car, and while climbing into the passenger side of the vehicle. He expressed his gratitude for my giving him a ride and said, "I hope you don't mind throwing that away for me." (He was referring to the booklet he had already tossed into the backseat.) He went on to say, "My last ride was with some fanatical Christians, who gave me that booklet. they would not quit preaching to me until I agreed to take the book. I will not read it and hate to litter the freeway with trash." I promptly informed him that he had gotten into another fanatical Christian's car and I proceeded sharing the Lord with him. Immediately, after letting him out, I reached into the backseat to get the booklet. My curiosity was tugging on me to see what he had thrown into my backseat. I figured it was probably a piece of Jehovah Witness material. They were the only ones I knew that gave booklets as they witnessed.

I took hold of this small booklet and bringing it up to the front seat, I read the cover. It said, "Jesus the Patter Son, by Bill Britton, Springfield, Missouri." The presence of the Father filled the automobile and I immediately knew, without reading a another word, that I was not alone. This was a brother, who understood what I was seeing and hearing in my spirit. I went home and locked myself in a room to read the booklet from cover to cover. What an encounter with the Lord through Bill Britton and his writing! The next morning I informed my family that I would be quitting my job and we would be heading to Springfield, Missouri, as soon as we could. My wife agreed and the children, ages 3 and 5, became more excited as the days of preparation passed.

First, we traded our car, for a 1949 yellow school bus. Then a friend of mine, Paul Retz, and I proceeded to remodle the bus into our future home. We cut the roof off the bus and raised it a foot, welded it back into place. After closing it in we built living space, which included a kingsize bedroom, bathroom wth shower, kitchen and convertible sleeping area for the children. There was plenty of storage area for clothing, kitchen wares and food, including 100 pounds of pinto beans and 50 pounds of rice. Several months passed as we worked converting the bus into our new home. We sold everything we owned and then loaded up the bus headed out of California to Springfield, Missouri. We truly looked like California "hippies" heading eastward, although, we had been living the white collar life in California.

I had communicated with Bill Britton by telephone, before leaving Modesto, and had a good understanding of what would be expected of us upon arrival. He had told me that they would welcome us, but we were not to expect them to support us. If God was directing our step in tht direction, He would also take care of us. So with faith in our heart, very little cash and a whole lot of beans and rice we made our journey into untried territory.

Upon on arriving in Springfield we learned how to fit into a "new" life and we learned how to live as a son. Bill Britton became my "spiritual father." I learned more about the "moving of the Holy Spirit" from him than any other ministry I had sat under. He immparted understanding into my life of "the importance of balance." Under his ministry I grew and developed into what God had for my life. I could say so much more about these years of my growth. However, at this time I need to stop so you can get on with reading these articles, written by Bill Britton, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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